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What is a costume plot?

A costume plot is a list of costumes for specific musicals and dramas. The costume plot is arranged by character, and what is required for each character for that script.

How can I see the costumes prior to renting?

We have appointments available to preview costumes. It is helpful to supply measurements prior to the appointment.
We will pull sample costumes that are best for the sizes given. Otherwise, we can email pictures of sample costumes.

Can I rent a single costume? Can I rent a whole show?

Costumes are available to rent either as an entire production or individually depending on the show. EX: Beauty and
the Beast costumes are rented as a set. We have duplicates of some of the costumes and are available to rent
individually, contact us to inquire.

Is there discount pricing for multiple weekends?

Rental prices are for one weekend of performances. We do not charge for dress rehearsals. Additional weekend are
discounted 50% or 75% depending on the number of consecutive weekend performances.

Do you alter costumes?

We alter the show costumes to the measurements you provide, on our measurement form.

When will I receive the costumes?

We ship the costumes to arrive prior to the first scheduled dress rehearsal. When possible, we ship the costumes
earlier to allow for fittings and exchanges as needed.

What if there are problems with fit?

We allow for exchanges prior to opening, at no charge. Additionally, any costume not used must be reported prior to
opening to receive credit.

What if something gets stained or damaged during performances?

When the costumes are returned, MAC will assess for any damaged items. Normal wear is expected. Any damages or special cleaning required will be charged to the renter.

What if something is missing?

When the costumes are returned, MAC will assess for any missing items. We will contact the renter and allow time
for the missing items to be located and returned. Any items not found will be billed at replacement value.

When do I return the costumes?

Rental costumes must be returned the next business day after the production closes. We allow additional time for out
of state rentals and shipping.

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